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Private Investigation

Private Investigations

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Private Investigators are licensed professionals that work with both individual clients and or law firms to assist in a wide variety of legal and professional matters. The scope of what a private investigator can do is controlled by the specific governing agency that issues licenses. In California it is the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, or the BSIS. Adam Bercovici has been working as a licensed private investigator since his retirement from the LAPD, handling cases that range from corporate compliance, to work place violence, to criminal defense work, child custody and divorce, trademark theft and more.

Adam provides background investigations at a reasonable cost for a variety of pre employment areas, including nannies, caregivers and pre-partnership due diligence.

With his three decades of experience in policing, and specifically as a leader of investigative teams Adam offers real life and real time experience to his clients. He is responsive, on time and always reliable.