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Judge and Gavel


I am a Law Enforcement expert witness services that covers police use of force, rapid action ( active shooter) policies and training, major scene management officer-involved shootings, pursuit policy, K9 operations police labor-hiring and retention and termination (including Brady issues), homicide, wrongful death and other complex investigations including, homicide, criminal conspiracy, assault, robbery, kidnap for ransom, extortion and murder for hire.


Security/Premise Liability

I offer expert witness services that cover security guard training and licensing, negligent retention, major event and account staffing, pre-planning and coordination with law enforcement, use of force, use of deadly force and private security best practices. 


I spent twelve years as the Officer-in-Charge of the most important investigative units in the Los Angeles Police Department, including The Special Investigation Section, Homicide Special, Robbery-Homicide Division, and the FBI Violent Crime Task Force-Los Angeles. 

Expert Witness

Expert testimony is the testimony made by a qualified person about a scientific, technical, or professional issue. Experts are often called upon to testify due to his/her familiarity with the subject or special training in the field.

Private Investigations

Adam has worked as a licensed private investigator since his retirement from the LAPD, handling cases that range from corporate compliance to workplace violence to criminal defense work, child custody and divorce, trademark theft, and more.

Adam has worked as a third-party Internal Affairs Investigator for small and mid-size agencies. 

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